Bible Study – New Video Series starting 8/21/2019 – Bishop Barron’s Pivotal Players Series- Join Us at any point in the Series

On Wednesday 8/21 from 10AM-11AM in the Rectory. Join the journey of discovering the truth behind the Catholic Church’s most influential people with Bishop Barron’s CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players series. Beginning with St. Francis of Assisi– The Reformer and the radical simplicity his life demonstrates as the foundation of true and lasting reform built upon the witness of the saints.

Come and see this awesome series starting 8/21 in the Rectory Meeting Room. Each video is unique so you can come in at any point in the series.

On 9/4/19 (Conditions permitting) we will view and discuss St. Catherine of Sienna – The Mystic. St. Catherine exemplifies the power of a life lived in relationship with Jesus and provides an example of faith that changes the culture. If cancelled due to hurricane Dorian we will show on 10/2/19 instead

On 9/11/19 we will view and discuss Blessed John Henry Newman – the Convert. He came into the Church as a convert and used his prodigious intellectual gifts to engage the assaults of a secular age.

On 9/18/19 we will view and discuss G.K. Chesterton – the Evangelist. He shows that the fundamental disposition of effective evangelism is joy, and life in Christ is a day-to day encounter with an abundant and surprising offer of grace.

On 9/25/19 we will view and discuss Michelangelo – The Artist. He serves as a privileged representative of the creative potential engendered by the Catholic faith. He demonstrates that beauty is a route of access to God.