2nd Saturday of each month- Carmelite Spirituality w/ Fr. Edwin

On the 2nd Saturday of each monthFr. Edwin invites you all to learn about Carmelite Spirituality in the Social Hall from 10AM-11AM.
***Previously mentioned in our Bulletin & Website***

“Don’t wait until tomorrow to begin becoming a saint”– St. Theresa of Lisieux

The Carmelites form one such religious family. This family took its origin on the Biblical Mount Carmel, drawing inspiration from the great Prophet Elijah. As brothers and sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary they model on her life of union with God. The Carmelite order has earned the fame of being the treasury of Contemplative Prayer of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross being the most authoritative voices on the subject in all Christendom. May God inspire many hearts to inherit this rich treasure of deeper prayer life!

Our parish wishes to offer opportunities to get acquainted with this Carmelite heritage. That could further lead to the establishment of a secular Carmelite community of the faithful of our Parish. Hearty welcome to all….