NEW ACTIVITIES: November Saturday Evening Video Series

New Activities Starting Saturdays after the 4 PM masses:

November Video Series:

During the month of November we will show the following videos in the Social Hall on Saturdays after the 4 PM masses- each video is one hour long and will begin at 5PM:

These videos are from Bishop Robert Barron’s Pivotal Players Series:

Trailer for Fulton Sheen and Flannery O’Connor Videos

Saturday November 9 -Archbishop Fulton Sheen – The Communicator

Long before the Internet and social media, Fulton Sheen pioneered Catholic evangelization through the media. At a time when most preachers spoke only from pulpits, Sheen used electronic media as a means to reach far beyond the parish walls. His innovative radio and television programs, beamed out to believers and skeptics alike, reached upwards of 30 million people per week. Sheen had a gift for spreading the faith clearly and persuasively, and he paved the path for today’s media evangelists.

Saturday November 16- Flannery O’Connor – The Storyteller

The Flannery O’Connor’s influence on contemporary culture, particularly literature and film, is profound. Her novels and short stories have been described as shocking, convoluted, funny, and violent, and they are filled with unforgettably strange characters. But they are also, from beginning to end, haunted by Christ. O’Connor radically changes our idea of what religious fiction can be. Her startling prose awakens us to sin and, consequently, to the need for salvation.

Saturday November 23- St.Benedict The Monk

Many would argue that St. Benedict, the Monk, contributed more to saving western Christian culture than anyone else.  Born just after Rome fell, Benedict founded the religious community that would, in time, preserve the best of the old and allow for the emergence of an authentic, Christian way of life.

Saturday November 30 – St.Augustine – The Teacher

St. Augustine, the Teacher, is possibly the best example of how faith in Christ changed a person. Augustine’s narrative of personal transformation in his book Confessions provides a template for life in Christ that still rings true today.

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