Welcome to St. Mark the Evangelist Parish Religious Education Page

Thank you for your interest in registering your child into our Religion Education program. 

Registration will open up January 30, 2022, and end April 24, 2022.  Classes will start in August and will be held on Sunday mornings.

Please note that you must also be a registered parishioner and be the parent or legal guardian of the student you are enrolling. If you are registered and attend a different parish, we will be happy to consider accepting your application but require a letter from your current parish requesting to be registered as a visiting member.  

For sacraments not received at St. Mark’s please submit a copy of the sacramental certificate.

You may send a scanned copy to saintmarkccd@gmail.com or stop by our office during office hours so that we can make a copy.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a catechist, please contact us via email at saintmarkccd@gmail.com