May 24, 2020 11:02 pm

Good Evening,Masses resume tomorrow with an abnormal atmosphere, but those of us who come will be filled with joy to be back together.
A few things to be aware of:1. Please wear your face mask in church at all times. The only time you should not is as you approach to receive the Eucharist, you can lower your mask below your chin to consume the body of Christ, right after you receive the host in your hand.Please keep your mask on until you receive the host in your hand. The mask protects you and the others at mass, including me.2. If you are sick please stay home and get well. If you do not feel safe coming out of your house, please stay home and be safe.3. The church will be open for prayers daily after mass until 11 AM, when we will clean and disinfect the church.4. Our seating is limited to allow for social distancing. You may sit in the pews in front of the podium/ambo, limit of 3 people per pew (two couples per pew-one couple at each end) that is not marked off by blue tape. If we have more people come than expected, we will open the other pew in front of the altar. Please respect the signs that indicate where you may sit. It may not be your regular pew, because it cannot be used due to social distancing.5. I will not have a mask on while on the altar, but I will distribute communion with a mask on. Please approach the front in single file line and six feet apart. Please do not receive with a glove on your hand, in respect for the blessed sacrament.6. There is no holy water available, but by the doors there are hand sanitizer dispensers for as you leave the church.
Together we will get through this abnormal time, as a community of believers in the true presence of Jesus in the blessed sacrament.

Father Bob Pope