August 12, 2021 12:37 am

My dear family,
Below is a recent article from Cleveland Clinic that I thought I would share with you. As far as wearing masks during mass, that is your personal choice, but you will note that Father and I will be wearing a mask during communion distribution.
The information below suggests social distancing, again that is your personal choice, but it is recommended by this article.
Please stay safe as we continue to experience the impact of the Covid pandemic and its variants on our life.
We are praying Psalm 91 daily during Adoration between 7 AM and 7:45 Monday to Saturday, asking the Lord to end the pandemic along with our other intentions. You may want to join us in person for Adoration or pray the Psalm at home if you are unable to come to the Church for Adoration.
God bless you all.
Father Bob Pope

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