August 31, 2021 11:35 pm

In October 2003, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach was born to help send that little bit of home to our troops. Service members were provided with much needed care items, as well as letters of encouragement.

Over the years, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach has become a nationally recognized organization receiving support from all over the country. We send out monthly “We Care” packages to our United States deployed military, who have been registered by family members, friends, commanding officers or themselves.

The fact remains that deployments continue all over the world, and our list continues to grow. Now more than ever, our men and women serving in the military can use that extra morale boost that is received through our “We Care” packages.

Please review the needed items for the care packages and donate if you are able.

Donations will be collected at St Mark’s to be sent for the care packages.

Thank you.
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