September 19, 2022 10:52 pm

Greetings to my St. Mark family,
My name is Barb Bzura and I am a Masters prepared registered nurse.

Many may remember me from pre-COVID days. I began a nursing ministry at St. Marks a couple of years back where I was able to present programs on various health topics and wrote about them in your church bulletin. I did blood pressure screenings and worked on a grief series with you.

We have a representative from the Alzheimer Association coming to our parish who will be sharing an hour with us on October 8 (English) and October 9 (Spanish).

Please read the flyers on pages 5-6 of the bulletin and plan on participating so we can embrace our guest speaker and give her a warm St. Mark welcome.

Please RSVP by calling the Parish
Office at (772) 461-8150.
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