November 1, 2022 4:41 pm

How To Pray The Rosary? A Step-By-Step Visual Guide

The origin of the Rosary dates back to the year 800, but it has evolved throughout the centuries resulting in the Rosary that we know today. The Rosary invites us to make a beautiful meditation about the life of Jesus and the Holy Virgin Mary. Whether we pray it alone or with others, we can offer our Rosary for many intentions, always asking the intercession of Our Lady.

The Rosary, as we know it today, was given by the Virgin Mary herself to Saint Dominic of Guzman in the year 1214. She handed it over to him in order to fight the heretics and sinners of the times, and she also asked him to teach people how to pray it and spread this devotion throughout the world. Spreading the devotion to the Holy Rosary is still a responsibility of all Catholics.

Ever since those times, Christians pray the Rosary along with meditation on 15 mysteries about the life of Our Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary. In 2002, Saint Pope John Paul II introduced five additional mysteries: the Luminous Mysteries. So, currently, we meditate on 20 mysteries.
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