March 9, 2023 8:21 pm

Dear family,
Since I started here in July 2018, I have tried to do things to enhance and maintain the parish buildings, including repairs to our buildings, replacing air conditioners, painting all the buildings, etc. In September 2021 we were blessed with the sale of the Dolan Murphy Hall, and we used that money to add televisions in the church, replace the ambo and sanctuary furniture, add a full-time Director of Music, and construct two patio covers in our pavilion among other projects. In the interim, as we all know full well, our country has experienced a time of rising costs and that of course has also affected the church as well. The cost of everything that we purchase for the daily operation of the church has increased, very similar to what you all have experienced. No pastor likes to ask for more money under any circumstances, but especially in a time like this, however, we need to ask for your help. Like all nonprofit organizations, we are totally dependent on offertory and other donations to support our operating costs. We are doing all we can to reduce our spending including canceling the 5:30 mass (not an easy decision) and raising the thermostats during masses to save on energy costs (many will like the warmer temperature), ordering only necessary supplies for the office, and the church, and reducing costs in whatever other ways we can. If you are able to increase your weekly offertory, every increase will be appreciated and will go a
long way to assist us. If you are not able to increase it at this time, that is understandable too. We appreciate everyone’s generosity and we do not want to cause any additional stress for anyone. Another way you can help our parish is by adding our church to your will and donating some of your estate to St. Mark. Over the years we have been greatly blessed in this respect by many of our parishioners. Thank you for your consideration of these requests and may the Lord continue to bless all of you and your families.
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