December 24, 2023 3:48 pm

“Let Our Adoration Never Cease!”

I can remember cherished moments as a child turning the living room lights low on Christmas eve and sitting with a cup of hot chocolate before the nativity scene. I loved singing Christmas carols on that blessed evening, uniting myself in spirit to the angels who announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds over 2000 years ago. It was a magical moment for a child. Over fifty years later, magical moments of singing carols at our family’s creche at Christmas have been replaced with the deeply meaningful and mystical times spent in stillness before the burning presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. There is no nativity display that once a year captivates our hearts and reminds us of the birth of Christ. In the Blessed Sacrament Jesus is truly present, body, blood, soul, and divinity. Jesus is real. Jesus is here. Right now. Today. A statue of the infant Jesus in a manger reminds us of something that happened 2000 years ago. The Eucharist lets us enter into that reality with our entire being right now, and participate in the salvation Jesus is bringing about on this earth today.
In today’s Gospel we learn three very important lessons from the Annunciation to the Virgin that model for us how to receive and adore Jesus in the Eucharist.
1) God is living and real. God loves you. God speaks to you. God has something to say to you. God cares about what is happening to you and has a plan for your healing and salvation. Each of us has our own unique role to play in the mystery of salvation.
2) The Father has sent his Son as Savior of the world. The Eternal Word leapt down from heaven and he whom the whole world could not contain enclosed himself in the womb of his Virgin Mother so that we might know God’s love and that he might make us “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Pt 1:4.)
3) Mary models for us how to be still and silent before the presence of God. “Mary said, ‘Behold, I am
the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me accord
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