February 6, 2024 12:34 am

Change in Collection Process
At our meeting of the Finance committee, we discussed the process and it was suggested
that we should have baskets passed by ushers at all the masses. I chose the new method because we do not have enough ushers to walk up and down the aisle and use the baskets with
poles, except at the 11:30 Spanish mass.
The new process will be as follows. Baskets will be placed on the first row of each row of
pews in each section. Whoever sits in the row with the basket will need to drop their offering into
the basket and then pass the basket on to others in the row. The end person will pass the basket to
the person behind them in the next row. When the basket reaches the last row, it will be handed to
an usher so they can put the money from the basket into the bigger basket in the back by the gifts.
The larger basket will be taken up to the altar with the gifts of unconsecrated hosts, water, and
We will only pass the baskets once, so be sure to put all
donations in the basket as it passes you. If you want to separate the
1st and 2nd collections, please use envelopes, otherwise all
amounts without envelopes we go to the 1st collection. If you need
envelopes, please contact the office Monday to Friday.
This change will help our parishioners who have physical
imitations and will make it less confusing for our visitors.
Thank you for all of your contributions to support St. Mark.
Father Bob Pope
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