March 10, 2024 2:53 pm

St. Mark has an Endowment Fund
We have taken a portion of our Church savings and established an Endowment Fund for the church’s future. When we receive large donations of $10,000 or more or bequests, we will be depositing those funds into the Endowment Fund which can be used in the future when we have the need to access the funds for large capital projects. An endowment fund is established usually to secure the future of a parish such as St. Mark that is 52 years old this year. Churches and nonprofits can create an endowment fund to which the organization and its then request distributions, directing dollars to the programs it designates. Our fund will be managed by Merrill Lynch and they will assume the complexities of administering the endowment fund, which includes accounting, investment and reporting responsibilities.
An endowment fund can be established for general purpose or specific purposes such as supporting building maintenance, capital projects or church ministries. Within the endowment fund, sub-funds can be created to support specific purposes designated by the church or by a donor giving to the fund.
I encourage you to consider donating to our endowment fund in addition to your regular offerings or through your will or other estate planning. Your donation will assure the future financial viability of our parish for years to come.
These donations need to be sent to the office for proper handling. Please do not include them in the baskets on the weekend as they may not end up in the endowment fund.
Thank you for your consideration,
Father Bob
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