47th Anniversary of the Dedication of our Church Building

The following is extracted from a Florida Catholic article dated 6/21/1974:

On June 16, 1974, Archbishop William D. Borders (Bishop of Orlando) dedicated St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church. Father Peter Dolan, our founding pastor was quoted by the Florida Catholic as saying that he and his people were proud and honored to be part of the last act of Archbishop Borders. The Archbishop was being installed the 13th Bishop of Baltimore ten days later. In 1974, Father Dolan also was celebrating his 20th anniversary of priesthood. On that day, Father Dolan also said “In building this church, you discovered you are a community. Let it be a reminder that you are part of the greater community, the church universal and there is priceless need to work together.” On that day, there was a banquet at which a bicycle was ridden into the Parish Hall, a surprise gift from the women’s club to the pastor as a jest, since the rectory was on Zephyr Avenue and only 100 yards from the church.

Our parish was founded in 1972 and will celebrate 50 years next year.

A special thank you to Father Peter Dolan who is still a resident of Fort pierce, for forming the St. Mark Community into what it is today.

Blessings to all who read this, and I invite you to share it with everyone you know.

Father Bob Pope