History of Eucharistic Adoration

THE LORD (Lk 10:42)
The Scripture is enriched by the consoling promises of God who loves us. It is the
Lord who chose us and loves us always with
mercy. He forgives always if we approach
Him for mercy. His love is steadfast, He is the
Alpha and the Omega- the beginning and end.
The only wish of our heavenly Father when
creating us was that human beings must accept
God as Lord and Master. They should have a
humble heart to accept the Lord as their Creator as they are mere creatures.
It is by sitting by the feet of the Lord,
we learn the importance of God in our lives
and the plans HE has for us. It is through adoration we learn to know more about God. In
the silence of our hearts, the Lord whispers in
our hearts what we are to do. This is why Jesus
appreciated Mary the sister of Martha who sat
at His feet silently. That choice was the best
choice the Lord wants from all children. By
calling the name of Martha twice, Jesus gave
the world what the Lord wants from His children. “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and
worried about many things. There is need of
only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part
and it will not be taken from her.” (Lk 10:40-
41). In the history of salvation, calling a man’s
name twice remarks an important teaching
from the heavenly Father.
Adoration is the best time we can converse with God as our best friend, whose love
is everlasting. It is by sitting with the Eucharistic Lord we can feel His heartbeat for us like
St. John the Apostle. It is in adoration we can
also lean on the chest of Jesus.
Can we spare an hour for our Lord who
waits for us in the Tabernacles? Come let us
go to God’s house to seek His FACE in Adoration and take His BOOK (The Bible) to read,
that we may grow in the fullness of knowledge
about God.
Have a blessed week.
Fr. Antony