Scripture Class – August 16th

My name is Dominick Scotto. I have a
Master’s Degree in Theology and have taught
Old and New Testament at John Carroll High
School for 21 years.
• Did you ever wonder how the Bible got put
• Do we know who actually wrote
the books?
• Can we really explain how God inspired
the authors?
• Do the passages or stories have to be historically and/or scientifically accurate in order
to be inspired?
• Can we or should we take everything in the
Bible literally?
• What does the Catholic Church teach about
interpreting Scripture?
If these questions sound interesting to
you and you would also like to learn what the
Bible says about creation, what the prophets
say. what wisdom literature teaches us about

First Scripture class beginning on
Tuesday, August 16 at 8:45AM in
the Social Hall.